Friends and Family Test Software that Works with Paper!

Collect patient feedback by Email, Text, Paper, Phone or in-person with a Tablet.
Engage with patients on their preferred channel to achieve an average 25% response rate.

Friends and Family Test feedback collected by Email or Text is better quality, returns higher volumes, provides greater insight, and a better return on investment than paper surveys. 

The Hootvox Way - What Makes us Tick?
Built from the ground up, Hootvox is patient feedback software developed around a clear and simple set of rules and principles that are designed to deliver the most robust, solid and trustworthy feedback system available to the NHS today. 

Hootvox for GPs - The Friends and Family Test
Let's face it, a paper-based Friends and Family Test is a chore, a drain on resources, cumbersome and expensive to administer. Hootvox offers many benefits, as well as saving your practice effort, time and money! 

Made for the NHS - With Patients in Mind.
Hootvox will enable the NHS to invest in the relationships between their hospitals, the patients and the public, change the public’s perception of healthcare services with unbiased real time trusted patient feedback and show that patients are at the heart of improvement to services by promoting a co-productive approach to service design and delivery.

Continuously Improve the Patient Experience with Hootvox.
Use large volumes of bias free feedback to stimulate continuous improvement, and implement effective lasting solutions that improve the patient experience and your hospital’s performance.

“In God we trust..... All others must bring data”
Healthcare needs to understand what industry has known for a long time. There can be no improvement without measurement, and to continuously improve measurement must become a way of life. 

What can Healthcare Learn about Patient Experience Tools from Travel and eCommerce?
Mark Sadler, founder of Hootvox, considers how customer feedback has evolved and asks what are the implications for healthcare? This article was first published in Global Health and Pharma Magazine on 19th January 2016. 

How do you Sort Through 25 Million Written Reviews to Find the Important Stuff, and Measure Patient Sentiment?
Hootvox can collect more feedback for one ward in a month than a passive website will collect for an entire hospital in a year. Hertzian Ltd specialise in discovering patterns in large sets of data through the use of advanced computing techniques. Hertzian have developed Healthview for Hootvox utilising a wide-range of data analysis techniques including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Big Data storage solutions. Combined, Hertzian and Hootvox uncover patterns amongst the patients' stories that you would never otherwise see. 

A Look Behind the Scenes.... The Survey, The Feedback, The Dashboard.
People like Hootvox because it's easy to use, that is why it's more effective than any other FFT patient feedback solution.

TEXT a Nurse: Real-Time Anonymous Conversations by SMS Text Message.
We live in a society where instant communication is possible and expected.
Texting has become the preferred method of communication for many people who are used to having information at their fingertips and 80% of people carry a smartphone in their pockets. We have made it possible for patients and their family members to connect with hospitals anonymously by text message.

LIVE CQC Style Reporting - No. 1
Know how every ward is performing against the CQCs Key Lines of Enquiry in real-time. 
Our FFT Patient Feedback software creates Ratings ward by ward to put you in control of your Trust. 

LIVE CQC Style Reporting - No. 2
Know how every ward is performing against the CQCs Key Lines of Enquiry in real-time. 
Our Sentiment Analysis software analyses the sentiment in Patient Feedback to put you in control of your Trust. 

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