About Hootvox - The Affordable Supplier of Ratings and Reviews

Customer reviews are fast becoming critical for any website, but where can smaller companies go for this essential website feature?

Other quality review platforms are great at what they do but they aren’t always affordable for smaller companies.
- Hootvox was created to make a quality review system available to every business no matter how small. 

People buy products or services from websites where they read reviews that they trust. Online Travel Agents (OTAs) collect reviews from hotel guests and display them on their sites. Companies like Expedia and Laterooms are now doing exactly this with car servicing and repairs through websites like Tootcompare. 
- We believe that whatever your business you work hard to build your reputation so you should be the ones to benefit from it. 

These directories use the reviews of your customers to boost their position on the search engines and then poach your customers so they can sell them back to you, or to someone else for a profit.
- We think this is sneaky, Hootvox helps you prevent this happening.

Some review platforms allow traders to fake and filter their reviews and others allow un-verified customers to post reviews - often that’s anyone with an axe to grind.
- At Hootvox we don’t like fake, filtered and gamed reviews.

We built Hootvox because we wanted a review platform that ticked all the boxes for our small business and naturally we looked at existing providers. By the time we added some of the essential extras to the basic package the cost was way too high. If it was too high for us it was also too high for other small businesses. So Hootvox was born! 
- We like to play nice with our customers, so there are no hidden extras. 


    Mark Sadler, Founder.


    Mark has been involved with ratings and reviews since 2011 and supported NHS Choices with their work to gather feedback         on social care providers in 2012. Mark is passionate about quality in review systems and fully supports the CMA guidelines           published in 2015. Mark believes that bias in feedback collection methods is as damaging as the intentional manipulating of             feedback. Bias damages the quality of feedback and erodes trust which is the crucial ingredient of any feedback system.    

    Mark continues to support healthcare as Hootvox is currently being trialled by the NHS.


Your needs may be simple or as complicated as a hospital - either way, we can help! 



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