Do I need to purchase any special hardware or download any software to start using Hootvox?
No. Hootvox lives in the cloud and it’s ready to go, just sign up to your free 30 day trial and you’re off. 

What happens if I’m unavailable when feedback comes in?
That’s ok - we know that people take time off, just deal with your reviews when you get back.

Is there a limit to the number of surveys I can send out to my customers each month? 
Yes, each package has a different limit.  So whether you have 3 or 3000 customers a month, just select the package that suits your size of business.

What if I have a busy month or run a seasonal business so go over my package occasionally? Will my service be disrupted?
No. We would not disrupt your service, we know that many of our members have seasonal businesses, so we expect some fluctuation. We monitor this and will let you know if you are consistently over your quota.

I’m hoping my business will grow, so may need to move up to a bigger package soon.  Are there any penalties for doing this?
No. There are never any penalties for changing your package whether you move up or down. Credit in the existing month will be offset against the increase in cost.

Are there any penalties if I leave Hootvox?
No. There are never any hidden charges for companies that use Hootvox. Or those who stop using Hootvox, although we hope you won't!

What do Hootvox use my customers' email addresses for? 
We only ever contact your customers for feedback on their recent purchase - we never share data with anyone.

Are we allowed to manage the sending of the emails ourselves?
Yes. We have designed our site to work this way because we know it’s easier than sending files to us.

How many questions are in the feedback survey? 
Between 2 to 8. Our surveys are standardised by industry so each plumber has the same set of questions as does each hotel or camp site. The questions are designed to prompt customers into writing more than they would otherwise. The scores for each of the criteria help to build your ratings.

Who decides when the emails inviting people to leave their feedback get sent out?
You do, there's no point sending a survey before your customer has received their product or returned home from their holiday. 

Can I edit the email that my customers receive? 
You can, however there is no need to. The text we use is consistent and is designed to avoid any potential bias in your customer feedback. You can however add a personal note - see below.

Can I add a personal note to my customer in the email that is sent?
Yes you can, but you must not say anything which might bias your feedback. Your customers won't respect you if you do. 



Who can leave feedback on Hootvox?
Only confirmed customers once they must have made a purchase.

Do Hootvox ban any type of feedback? 
Only in very rare circumstances, please take a look at our ‘Comments Policy’ for more details.

How can Hootvox guarantee all the feedback is from genuine customers? 
Following a sale, our members add details of the sale to our database. Hootvox uses this data to invite confirmed customers only to leave feedback, so all the feedback is genuine.

Does Hootvox moderate feedback? 
In reality there is very little need for moderation, most people who use reviews are civil. However we do have industry standard profanity filters that will block illicit feedback.

Can companies pay Hootvox to have negative reviews removed?
No. But we do have a strict ‘comments policy’ so feedback that breaks our rules will not be published.

Are companies allowed to collect reviews from selected customers only? 
No. Our members must ask all their customers to leave reviews, at Hootvox we believe that every customer must be given a chance to have their say.



As a shopper can I opt out of Hootvox emails? 
Yes. If you like we will stop your email address from receiving feedback requests. 

I would like to leave a review but have not received a feedback request yet. 
If you purchased from one of our members then you should receive a feedback request. This usually comes within a month of you receiving your purchase. If it still has not arrived, then please contact the business or contact us with details about your purchase.

I can’t find the feedback I left about a Hootvox member. 
If you have not broken our comments policy it should appear soon - sometimes it takes a few days. It is not possible for a member to remove their reviews so it will be there. 

Will my details be seen by others? 
No. Your personal details will not be seen or be accessible to anyone.

Can I write more than one review for the same purchase? 
You can add a further comment to your original review, but the original review will stay online.



Why do I need customer feedback?
All customer feedback is a gift, it enables us to see how our business is doing and what we could be doing better. 

Should I answer all my customers comments? 
It's up to you, but if you do, try to think about adding value in your comments for your customer and for other customers reading them. Or just say thanks!

Do I need to reply to any feedback at all? 
The more you are seen to engage with your customers the more you will earn the respect of others. It’s nice to see how a business replies to their feedback and it’s appreciated by your customers.

What's the best way to answer negative feedback? 
Always be courteous and considerate, being nice will win you more respect than being rude. 

Can I stop negative feedback from appearing on my site? 
No, it’s a fact of life that you will not make all of your customers happy all of the time, but it is a good opportunity to respond and show how well you deal with customer issues.



I want my reviews displayed on my site to get the maximum SEO benefit.
Reviews can be displayed wherever our members like and there are no additional costs associated with adding the original reviews on our members sites. They’re your reviews - they belong to you and so does the SEO that they generate.

Are reviews good for SEO?
Yes. The majority of recent research shows that reviews are great for SEO. In fact the number of reviews and the ratings score are both important ranking factors for Google.

Who gets the SEO from my reviews?
There is only ever one ‘master copy’ of your reviews online, and you can decide where that goes, we usually suggest putting it on your own website. All other copies are invisible to Google and the other search engines. Only the Master copy is indexed by the search engines and that is the one which passes SEO benefit to whichever site it sits on.


What if…?

What if bad language, racist or sexist comments are made?
We use industry standard profanity filters that will block any comments of this nature.

What happens if a customer writes something legally contentious and it then appears on my site? It's very unlikely that this would happen, but we do have a ‘Comments Policy’ that covers this eventuality and many others.

What if someone mentions a competitors names in our feedback?
If it bothers you you can flag your review to us. We have a virtual sticker that says ‘Name removed’ that we can cover it with. There is no charge! 


If you have any additional questions please ask, we will get straight back to you and we will post the answer here.


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